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Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences to our team and customers.

Some of Our Current Adventures

Take your Ideas and Execute. You can Learn on The Journey

The GreenerField Story

Greenerfield is a US company that began when two brothers saw opportunities in the arbitrage markets. What started as a part-time endeavor has sprouted into a passionate team doing work around the world. We are an idea and innovation company. We find new products, ideas, or new ways of doing things and test, fail or succeed and adjust. We feel that by helping our team members become the best versions of themselves both in and outside of work, we can create meaningful positive change.

Our Core Values

Our core values were identified by our team members. These are the values that we live by and adhering to them is how you create a fulfilling career at GreenerField.

Be bold and persistent.

Where there is a will, there is a way.


Things are constantly changing. You have to change with them to succeed.

be curious.

Push around the edges, find new and better ways of doing things.


Others are relying on you. It’s how we achieve real meaningful growth.

Here is how I can help.

Don’t just ask, find ways to help. If we are looking out for each other, happiness and success will follow.


Honesty is rewarded and crucial to our success. Do not pretend, be real with yourself and others.

The Team


Andrew has 10 years of experience in product management. He has grown his career at Verizon, Etrade, and

“I’ve worked at companies large and small to create friction-less experiences that wow customers.  I was always frustrated with how slow moving even “Agile” companies were in both testing and bringing products to market.  Random ideas from executives often got fast tracked without testing only to result in failure, while good ideas from those on the ground didn’t even get to see the light of day.  We created Greener Field to empower our team members to launch and take ownership and remove obstacles in the way.

Andrew Fields

Matthew Fields cso/Owner

Matthew has extensive experience with sales at organizations such as Madison Square Garden, and was the top 5% sales performer at Sales Force

There are so many spots of frustration in the world that people don’t even notice.  I’ve built my career on creating relationships with others and finding the solutions to struggles they can’t even see themselves.  There is a balance of technology and people that is key to success.  While most companies are focused solely on technology to solve problems, I see an opening for talented individuals to fill in gaps where technology has been used as a crutch instead of a true solution. 

Matthew Fields

Katarina Matić

Head of Operations
2016 Start

"GreenerField is a company where your voice is heard and you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table. I'm constantly learning and growing and we are working towards achieving something new and better and that challenge is what makes this job interesting."

Sandra Janković

Purchase Success Manager
2017 Start

"I love the way our team handles different tasks with both simple and complex tools. We can attend different courses, and expand our knowledge of things we think would help us be more productive. Daily communication, trust and understanding is helping me develop personally in a way that I feel like being part of a family."

Ljubica Matić

Inventory Manager
2017 Start
"I have been with GreenerField since 2017 and I immediately noticed the positive atmosphere and importance GreenerField places on its employees. I work with a great group of colleagues and we learn from each other. I am very proud to be a part of such a great company".

Jovana Knezević

Fulfillment Manager
2018 Start
"There are many things that I love about GreenerField. I love that everyone cares for others and we have flexibility when needed. GreenerField is a great place to grow and develop, both professionally and personally. Joining this company has turned out to be a great decision for me."

Alisa Sovilj

Administrative and Wellbeing Officer
2020 Start

"GreenerField has shown me what an amazing job should look like. I feel appreciated, accepted and happy which is very important for me. In a short amount of time I have improved my business English and business communication skills. Also, I learn something new every day and look forward to everything new that it is coming."

Bojana Milačić

Fulfillment Manager
2018 Start
"It's been a huge privilege working with GreenerField for the past 5 years. The staff at the company are like one big family and that is what makes it such a special place to work. I feel valued at GreenerField and hope that together we will contribute to the growth and development of the company."

Ivana Srdić

Administration Manager
2018 Start
" It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued. GreenerField opens doors for an ample number of opportunities for one to grow professionally. Each person is given a chance to grow and expand their potential".

Ivana Tufegdžić

Head of People & Culture
2023 Start
"It is quite a privilege to be working in HR in a people first company. Our employees always come first and it is one of the things that truly sets us apart. There is always someone looking out for you. I am so grateful that we get to experiment in the HR arena and come up with innovative solutions that can benefit all and help us become the best versions of ourselves both in and outside of work. The ultimate asset of this company is its very unique culture that we all feel blessed to be a part of and get to build together."

Tomas Tamulevičius

Lead Developer
2015 Start
"One of the most valuable things at GreenerField are employees. Colleagues are friendly and collaborative which makes you feel like one big family. You can do the work you love, be yourself, share your ideas. Positive reinforcement is always there, even in case of failure. It's a company full of opportunities and growth."

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